What Do We Buy?

Video Games

Video Game Consoles

Video Game Accessories




Strategy Guides / Nintendo Power Magazines

Video Game Memorabilia / Collectibles

What Is The Process?

1. Gather Your Items!

In order to get the maximum payout, please bring all of the accessories and cables you can find!

2. Bring Your Items to Any of our Locations

Check out our locations page to get directions to all of our locations. No appointment is necessary for trade-ins. “

3. Wait for Quote

One of our experienced team members will inspect your items and test your hardware. Don’t have time to wait? No problem, we can accept a trade drop-off and let you know when we are done!

4. Get Paid!

Your choice between cash and store credit! Store credit is typically 25% more, never expires, and can be used towards our huge selection at any of our locations!

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t currently accept the following items for trade-ins.

  • Comic Books
  • Pokemon / Yugioh / Magic the Gathering Cards: We sell new Pokemon cards at our Bloomington locations. However we don’t accept any cards for trades-ins.
  • Stolen Items: We only accept trade-ins if you are the rightful owner of the merchandise.
  • Fake Games – We only buy and sell authentic games. An experienced team member of ours will inspect your game to confirm it is authentic during the trade-in process.

You have to be at least 16 to sell us your items for store credit. You have to be at least 18 to sell us your items for store credit or cash.

Yes, we are required by law to check ID’s for trade-ins. You must bring a physical government issued I.D, like a driver’s license. We don’t accept temporary licenses or photos of licenses.

We usually offer about 25% more trade value if you choose store credit instead of cash. Store credit never expires and can be used towards any of our 30,000+ items in stock. You can also give your store credit to others by purchasing a gift certificate with your store credit. Once store credit is chosen, it can not be converted to cash.

Unfortunately, all trades are final.

No, no appointments are necessary for trade-ins. However we stop accepting trades an hour before closing.

It depends on the issue with the item. We encourage you to bring your item in for a team member to take a look at it!

We are still happy to buy your console, even if you are missing accessories for it. The trade pay-out is adjusted to reflect the value of the missing accessories.

Yes, our staff is trained to perform factory resets to remove your personal information from any consoles you decide to sell to us. In fact, we recommend not factory resetting your console before you visit, as we will have to go through the initial set-up in order to test the console.

Yes, if you have a large collection or would just prefer not to wait in the store, we would be happy to accept a drop-off for you. Once we finish processing the trade, we will give you a call with the quote. If you choose to accept our offer, we could either add store credit to your account, or have cash ready for you to pick-up. If you choose to decline your offer, we will hold your items for 14 days.

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