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Game World was founded in 2009 and is an independent video game store chain with a focus on retro. We have 3 locations. 2 are in Bloomington, Indiana and 1 is in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our location in Indianapolis opened on July 2nd, 2024! We BUY, SELL, and TRADE. We give fair offers to guests looking to sell their items in a safe and convenient manner. We pay either cash or store credit, which can be used towards the 30,000+ items we have in stock between our locations. We carry video games, video game consoles, video game accessories, DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, Funko Pops, Collectable Figures, Pokemon Cards, Plushies, Merch, and more! We take pride in the quality of our inventory, thoroughly cleaning all of the hardware that comes in and running game discs through our state of the art disc repair machine.

We have both a FaceBook and Instagram page, where you can follow us to learn about new items we get in stock, promotions, and more. We have an online store where you can buy a select portion of our inventory nationwide. We also accept mail-in trades if you live too far to drive to one of our locations in Indiana. We are dedicated to providing our guests with exceptional customer service. Every store is staffed by great people who truly have a passion for video games. We offer a 15 day return policy on most items, with the ability to extend that to 90 days or 6 months for select items.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Indeed Page shows all of our open positions. If we have no active postings, you are welcome to stop by any of our locations and fill out an application. Applications will be kept on file for when future positions open up.

Every location is open 7 days a week, with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our hours vary by each of our locations. Please reference our location page or our Google Business Profiles to view the hours for each of our locations.

  • We accept returns within 15 days of purchase. We offer store credit for returns, no cash or credit card refunds are given. If we have a replacement item in stock, we are happy to replace a defective item for a working replacement.
  • We do not accept returns for new games and new 1st party accessories (this includes: new Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, new Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, new Microsoft Xbox Series X controllers, and new Sony PlayStation 5 controllers). In the rare event you have an issue with any of these items, please contact the manufacturer for assistance.
  • Funko Pops, Amiibos, Pokemon Kids Figures, Disney Infinity Figures, Skylanders Figures, and all other collectible figures are sold AS-IS. No returns are accepted. Please inspect the figure prior to purchase for any defects.
  • No returns are accepted for any Pokemon Trading Card Booster Packs, Elite Trainer Bundles, and Booster Bundles.
  • We offer extended warranties for games, movies, certain accessories, and consoles. If an extended warranty is purchased, you have 90 days to return your movie, game, or accessories if they are defective. If an extended warranty is purchased, you have 6 months to return your console if it is defective. Extended warranties do not cover issues caused by user abuse (for example, you drop your console in the bathtub).

We offer disc repair at all of our locations for $2.99. A few of our locations offer a select number of repairs including: Nintendo NES 72 Pin Replacement, Game Boy / Game Boy Color Cartridge Battery Replacement, Game Boy Advance Cartridge Battery Replacement, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Joystick Replacement, and Nintendo 64 Joystick Replacement.

Our experienced team members test all of the hardware that comes in. Due to the volume of games we receive, games are not tested. We inspect disc based games for any damage and run all of them through our professional grade disc repair machines. We meticulously clean the metal contacts of cartridge based games that come in.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the prior owner of a game did not use any of the DLC codes that were originally included with the game.

We are required by law to hold items for 7 days from when they are traded-in.

Yes we do! Visit any of our locations to purchase a gift certificate. We sell them in any denomination, you choose!

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